Bank of Baroda Karmachari Sangh

(Affiliate to: All India Bank of Baroda Employees Federation & NCBE)


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NCBE finalised the Charter of Demands for 10th BPS in its National Executive Meeting held at Nerul, Navi Mumbai on 13th May 2012

National Executive of NCBE in its meeting held on 13th May 2012 at 'Shahayog', Near D. Y. Pamore>>

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Bank of Baroda Karmachari Sangh

I welcome you to this site. Come on in. I will tell you, what is Bank of Baroda Karmachari Sangh.

Bank of Baroda Karmachari Sangh is an institute of Bank of Baroda employees. This institute is affilliated to
NCBE (National Confederation of Bank Employees) and is Bank's recognised union. This is an award staff-
union which cares. works & solves the grievances, issues & problems of the staff, alongwith other welfare
activities. At present (2012) we have got over 1000 members.


This institution is having very healthy relationship with the higher management and the members are very
sincere to the work and loyal to Bank of Baroda. Bank of Baroda Karmachari Sangh is spread in Baroda city, Baroda District and Panchmahal District. 

 Maganbhai Patel

Mr. Maganbhai Patel

(General Secretary)

The Bank of Baroda Employees so. Ltd., Baroda.

This society was established in the year 1966 for the welfare of the staff of Bank of Baroda and their family


At present C.D. per month is Rs. 500/-. The society lends the funds to the needy members. The loan at present is Rs. 3,00,000/-. Today the rate of interest is just 10% per annum.


The members of the society consists of all categories i.e, clerks, substaff and officers as well. The no. of
members today is 1000.


As the word co-operative suggests the society co-operates its members in so many fashions, like education, food grain, consumer durables, health, entertainment etc etc.

Maganbhai Patel            Dineshbhai Kadakiya

   Mr. Maganbhai Patel            Mr. Dineshbhai Kadakiya

         (President)                          (General Secretary)


Well, My dear Gentleman / Gentle Lady ! you have stepped in on the Red Carpet of Bank of Baroda Sports &
Cultural Club, Baroda.

This is the biggest (memberwise) sports club of whole Bank of Baroda. Today the number of members of
this club is 1357. Men or Women of any category whether he/she is clerk, substaff or officer, can be the
member of this club. The membership Fee per year at present is Rs. 60/-.